Monday, October 18, 2010

Mmmmm, deep sea linen..

Well, remember that wrap that I posted about being stuck in the washer back in, oh.... June?! Probably, since there is only one post between that and this one. Someone is a fail at updating her blog.

Anyhow, I finally got around to fixing that this last weekend. Because it did not turn out pretty. At all. I tried to sell it, no dice - it was super ugly so I understand, no hard feelings! :) I really was hating on that wrap a lot at that point. I didn't even want to look at it and I was just so disappointed that it hadn't worked out the way I wanted. It turned green in some spots. GREEN! See?

So, it has been sitting unused and unloved for quite a few months now. I actually didn't realize it had been as long as it has been. Oh well. I finally dumped the rest of my dye in the big rubbermaid, added lots of salt and water, and stuck the wrap in there. I didn't take any pictures but just imagine a big rubbermaid full of black water in my bathtub, and that is what it looked like.

After years and years (okay, one day) of rinsing, here is the result! I went from hating the wrap with every fiber of my being to loving it madly within two days. It is so beautiful now. And it is pretty much the exact colours of my deep sea fish wrap.

I didn't actually mean for it to come out as a gradation. I think I must have failed at halving the dye and had less of it, or maybe it was just more diluted to start with. But I think it works! It is still not perfect or even by any means. But at least it looks good now. :D Kai was with his grandparents so I wrapped up some teddy bears.

I had been planning to sell it but I don't think I can now. It is so crunchy though from dyeing, I think it will be joining us in bed for the forseeable future! :P Seriously, virtually impossible to wrap with. I hope it improves quickly.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

About time for an update!

Geez, two months. Way to go, me!

Well, it's been fairly busy around here. I've been helping out in my mom's store part time for the last couple weeks. Kyrin had his birthday, and a fun owl-themed party. He also started walking - I just can't believe how grown up he has gotten so fast!

I am this past week getting back into the swing of knitting. I am waiting on yarn for three customers to be knit up for fall longies! I can't wait to see the colourways they send me. I am also currently working on a pair of linen stitch newborn longies. They are tiny, and adorable.

Pictures are giving me trouble right now, but I will update with my recent projects when I figure it out!

Well, that's about it for now! I'm going to try and get better at this. I promise.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My wrap is trapped!

So, yesterday I attempted my first gradation, on an already wisteria-dyed natural linen indio. I used dharma's better black procion dye, hoping for a true black-wisteria grad. But tragedy struck.

First off, some pictures during the process.

Right at the start:

Just before removing from the dye bath:
Waiting for soda ash:

Then, I did the soda ash bath, and then a soak in fixative. Next, off to the washing machine it went, with a bit of synthrapol to begin the rinsing process!

The first hot wash cycle finished, and I wanted to pull it out a bit just to see how it was looking so far. As I pulled the door handle of my FL washing machine, I heard a snap.... and the door wouldn't open Keep in mind, this was last night at 11pm so I wasn't able to call my landlords.

So me and Eric both attempted to work it open with a knife... no dice. I ran a couple more hot washes over the night, and the door resolutely stayed stuck closed. This morning I called the landlords first thing, and they called the whirlpool company and they aren't going to be able to send someone until Monday!!! I want to cry! My poor wrap.

Here is how it looks now...

I did a couple more hot washes, and from what I can tell there is no dye in the water, but I guess I can't be sure until I am able to get it out of the machine.

But this sucks on more than one level because we cloth diaper, I don't think I have enough to last until Monday, and my kitchen laundry is all full and needing to go in the wash as well Rrrrr, this just sucks!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Linen Stitch is a beast :/

Hello world! Welcome to my knitting blog :)

My name is Allison, and I'm currently a stay/work at home mom to a 10 month old kiddo. I live in Canada, and have an obsession with pretty wraps, yarn, and diapers. We often stay up late, since my boyfriend works until after midnight most nights - not the greatest schedule but we're workin' on it.

Here is a picture of my wrapee:


For my first post I am gonna talk about my current project - a pair of linen stitch shorties. Oh, they are taking forever and a day! This stitch is SO time consuming, but the result is amazing. I can't wait to do a pair for my son! Not sure when I will get up the courage again though. ;)

And a progress picture, of course:

I am working on the gusset now, so it will go quick once I am onto the legs. Can't wait to get to my next project!

Well, that's it for now, folks! See ya next time!